"Sometime during the Late Cretaceous, the group including all modern birds appeared and began to diversify. Although it resembles a flamingo, “Styginetta” (Hell’s Duck, unpublished name) is actually part of the modern waterfowl lineage. These are wading filter feeders, using their specialised beaks to strain tiny plants and animals from the swamp waters they inhabit. One of the more common birds at Hell Creek, they can be found in flocks in Hell Creek’s wetlands. They are also one of the largest, rivalled in size only by the toothed Avisaurus. Remarkably, this species is known to have survived the great extinction that killed off almost all of Hell Creek’s other dinosaurs."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

"Styginetta lofgreni" was an extinct ornithuran bird, possibly closely related to modern ducks and geese, as some reconstruct this enigmatic bird as a presbyornithid-like bird. It lived in Hell Creek, and it is known to be one of the only known individual bird species to have survived the K-Pg extinction event. No formal name has been given to this bird, although it is often named "Styginetta lofgreni" but future scientific paper publications might solidify an idea on the nomenclature and overall nature of this bird. Being a K-Pg survivor, it likely fed on small invertebrates found in the water while using its bill to skim the water, laid its eggs on logs, under rocks, crevices or on the sand, and its babies grew up fast and reached sexual maturity within less than their first year of life, giving them an upper hand over the other non-avialan dinosaurs, which would go extinct as time passed by.

In Saurian Edit

No plans are known for the inclusion of "Styginetta", however it is known from the official game's artbook.

"Styginetta lofgreni" flying


Cypress swamp scape, with a flying "Styginetta lofgreni", as well as a couple of swimming Potamornis and a aquatic turtle, resting in a log.

Styginetta lofgreni

"Styginetta lofgreni" flying away from two male Triceratops fighting in a Thoracosaurus infested beach.

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