This so far unnamed alvarezsaurid was discovered in Montana, in 1998, in the Hell Creek Formation. It is closely related to the Asian alvarezsaur Mononykus. It is estimated to be around 80-100 centimeters (31-39 inches) in length.

In Saurian Edit

This alvarezsaurid is portrayed with feathers on pretty much all of the body, including in the forearms and a fan on the tail. Its' color is tan, reddish-brown, white and black feathers to match its' habitat.

Alva02 color by chrismasna

Various concept designs for the alvarezsaur, by Chris Masna

The book Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek, has stated that the alvarezsaurid will not be included in the game due to its fossils being found in Montana and not Bone Butte, in South Dakota. The book states ”Alvarezsaurid (right) remains are known from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana.” In the chapter “Introduction“ as it states that the game will take place in South Dakota in the area known as Bone Butte.

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