"Basilemys (King Turtle) belongs to a family of early turtles that are now entirely extinct (Nanshiungchelyidae). Basilemys is a bit of an enigma, with a carapace shape similar to aquatic turtles but the limbs and beak of a terrestrial herbivore, like a tortoise. Unlike it's mostly aquatic brethren, Basilemys occupies the Hell Creek floodplains, feeding on low growing plants. It is also a relatively large animal, matching Axestemys in size, with shell lengths averaging around a meter."

― Saurian encylopedia

Basilemys is the largest land turtle of the Late Cretaceous period in North America. Despite its size it is surprisingly poorly known as a complete animal. This specimen is exciting because the shell was totally disarticulated before burial gives us the opportunity to restore the high domed shell in 3 dimensions for the first time ever. It is also significant because it preserves several non-shell elements, adding to our knowledge of this specimen and the shell itself shows evidence of fungal infections during life, just like modern tortoises. This particular fossil is 78 million years old, and is one of many fossil examples from this genus. Basilemys is known from five different species, being B.sinuosa the one from the Hell Creek Formation.

In Saurian Edit

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Adult Dakotaraptor locking its sight to a hiding Basilemys.

Basilemys is currently in Saurian as an AI. It is portrayed with thick scales and a somewhat flat shell. Its' coloration is manifested with a dark brown head and legs and a yellow shell with brown stripes to match its' habitat. When threatened by the player, Basilemys will hide its head on the shell, granting itself a great ammount of resistance to the player's attacks, although it can still be taken down, even though it's hard. This turtle doesn't produce any visible scent particles, which makes this reptile hard to find in thick foliage. The player can take one down with enough persistance, being much easier once you grow up. Once you manage to bite the turtle repeatedly, the player is rewarded with easy food.

Currently, Basilemys doesn't display ontogeny or sexual dimorphism.


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