• ThatKidfromSchool

    Honestly, aside from the model and coloration, the New Unfeathered Rex is inaccurate. We have indirect evidence from Yutyrannus. Just because a patch of skin fossils from the neck does not meat its completly unfeathered. Its like taking a patch of skin from Emu Legs and saying it never had feathers. 

    Trey the Explainer explains this better, but if the game is aiming for a realistic game, T-Rex needs feathers. Either keep the old design or add feathers to the new one. Maybe even better, when beginning the game save, you can choose if Rex has feathers or not, giving the player an option. 

    The rex is a Coelurosaur, a bird relative. Most, if not all Coelurosaurs had feathers covering some, most, or all of it's body

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  • UltraMegaDude

    Saurian Park

    December 14, 2017 by UltraMegaDude

    Welcome to Saurian Park! A reconstruction of Hell Creek 65 Million Years Ago! With all of the wonders, discoveries, and memories of Hell Creek, we proudly reconstruct this beautiful theme park back to its glory. Everything will be very accurate, from the smallest shrub to the largest organism, we will educate you on so many stuff we have to offer!

    Your adventure is sure to begin and end on Main Street!

    Under construction.

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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex2.02456


             /```(`````)` /   {*} {}  \

            |                \____   /     \

            \ __________              \ ^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^___________________

                                   ``\                                                                                             ___________>

                                       \__                             |          |                     ____________  /              

                                             \___\   |___          \          \           __  /

                                                     /  /        \ __   \           \ __/

                                                     \/\/                  \          \


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  • Ashley Palaeoartist

    I think the infoboxes have a bit of a problem: from what I've seen, all the animals have "N/A" for height and wingspan. This seems off, because N/A implys that those features aren't there. This makes sense for most the animals (except for the birds) to have N/A in the wingspan category, but N/A for height makes no sense, becuse they clearly do have a height, and their heights are unknown as of now, so should be changes to "unknown".

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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex2.02456


    January 3, 2017 by Tyrannosaurus Rex2.02456

    Dinosaurs are cool. Will you block me?

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  • Hammerbro123

    Dinosaurs games

    October 1, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    Hey guys, heres something i wanted to know. What other dinosaur games do you play and/or follow?

    Here are some dinosaur games that i follow/followed if your interested

    • The Isle
    • Prehistoric Kingdom
    • Primal Carnage extinction (I occasionally visit it to see what has changed)
    • The Stomping Land (when it was alive)
    • The Hunter Primal (For a very short time)
    • Ark survival evolved (I used to anyway before i saw their mistakes, but still occasionally visit it)
    • Mesozoica (heard about all the shady stuff behind it, but would like to see what would become of this game)
    • And of course Saurian
    • I also might look into Collision Course (Project Crynosaurs) if it goes anywhere.
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