"Crocodilians are some of the most common and important members of the Hell Creek ecosystem and Borealosuchus (Northern Crocodile) is the most abundant of them all. This animal lives much like the crocodiles of today, lurking below the surface of swamps and rivers, waiting to ambush prey that venture too close to the water's edge. This ancient species is close to the ancestor of all modern crocodilians, and its genus survived on long after the extinction that ended the age of dinosaurs."

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Borealosuchus is an extinct genus of crocodylomorph that lived in the late Cretaceous and Early Paleogene periods in North America, that appears in Saurian. It was a mid-sized creature with a length of about 9.2 feet (2.8 meters). Six species of Borealosuchus are currently recognized. In order of their naming, they are B. sternbergiiB. acutidentatusB. wilsoniB. formidabilisB. griffithi, and B. threeensis. Four of these species (B. sternbergiB. acutidentatusB. wilsoni, and B. formidabilis) were originally named as a species of Leidyosuchus. It could hunt small dinosaurs but would have to be constantly on guard due to predators that easily could injure if not kill it. Borealosuchus also would probably have more primitive crocodilian features and less advanced ones, which lead some to consider it as a basal crocodilian, however recent studies seem to suggest that Borealosuchus was a stem-crocodilian instead.

In Saurian Edit


Adult Dakotaraptor starring at a basking Borealosuchus

Borealosuchus is currently present in Saurian. Its' colors are dark gray for most of the body, black stripes, and a white underbelly to match with its' habitat.

It is currently one of the main freshwater predators in the game and it is capable of killing the player with a few bites. It is a hard prey item, when subadult and adult Dakotaraptor gameplay, but a fearsome predator as a hatchling and juvenile. They don't release any odor, so they hide very well in the dense vegetation of the riverside. Borealosuchus walk slowly on land, but swim very fast in water, so it is risky to swim in their waters. They strike very fast, that is, when the player comes too close, the Borealosuchus will clap its jaws and attempt to bite in a ferocious attack. One Borealosuchus bite usually takes a lot of health from the player, even when adult. One strategy used by the players to take one down is by driving more than one Borealosuchus together and make them bite each other, effectively spawning a struggle between them and resulting in a Borealosuchus casualty that can be used as a food source for the player.

Currently, Borealosuchus do not display sexual dimorphism or ontogenic stages.

The newest update makes Borealosuchus a lot harder to be brought down due to its attacking speed increase, however, it has become a lot easier if you fight it in water, since it cannot turn when it tries to attack you.

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