Cimolopteryx is a Cretaceous seabird found in the Lance Formation. The type species is C.rara but there is another, dubious, described species tentatively named "Cimolopteryx" maxima, which is known from the Lance Formation and the Hell Creek Formation.

Cimolopteryx was a member of the bird order Charadriiformes, in the extinct family Cimolopterygidae. It was around the size of a small gull, which is one of Cimolopteryx's closest living relatives. Although cimolopterygids are known from the Hell Creek Formation, these were tentatively placed in the genus Cimolopteryx, under the dubious species "Cimolopteryx" maxima. C.maxima was around twice the size of C.rara, but given its fragmentary nature, there is not enough evidence to name it as a Cimolopteryx or as a different genus.

In Saurian Edit

Its only possible future existence in Saurian is justified in concept art by RJ Palmer of a flock feeding on a beached Mosasaurus carcass.[1] It is possible that Cimolopteryx is or has been replaced by the currently undescribed ornithurine found in Hell Creek. Cimolopterygid remains are known from the Hell Creek Formation, but these are currently found in Montana, so the inclusion of the unnamed ornithurine, found in South Dakota, where the game is set, makes perfect sense.

Notes and referencesEdit

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