Baby Dakotaraptor perching on a tree branch.

Climbing is a gameplay technique exclusive from Dakotaraptor gameplay. Climbing can be achieved by the player if it jumps onto a nearby climbable tree. Once latched onto a tree, the player can use the walking and running controls to effectively climb either slowly or fastly, the latter of which is achieved by quickly flapping its wings to propel itself up. This abbility is very useful to escape from predators, as currently there is no animal that can harm you on the top of a tall tree, in the Saurian game, although DePalma's Ornithurans and Quetzalcoatlus can reach the treetop areas while flying.

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Hatchling Dakotaraptor climbing a tree.

The player can perch on a branch if it gets close to one, and move to the left or to the right along the branch. To get off from the branch into the main trunk, the player must move to the base of the branch and press 'S' to move down and the player is then able to keep climbing. If perched in the middle of a branch, press 'S' to change the direction you're facing on the branch.


Juvenile Dakotaraptor gliding while in aim mode.

Climbing is only achieved by young Dakotaraptor and once you get to the subadult stage you are unable to climb. Young hatchlings can climb trees effectively, but to get away from one, they will have to jump from the branch. Old hatchlings and juveniles have larger wings, and are therefore able to glide. Gliding is achieved by holding down the spacebar and the player will be able to cover very large distances from the tree it departed. The player can also glide from one tree to another by colliding itself midair to another tree, and successfully latching into the trunk, and the player can choose to glide in a different direction. The player can also glide when jumping from a hill or a cliff.

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The player can jump out of a branch by pressing the spacebar key once. The player must avoid doing this at high altitudes or it will suffer fall damage, which is something that happens, as well, when a player, at any age, attempts to jump from a cliff. Fall damage into the water is equivalent to a fall on land. While gliding, the player won't receive fall damage.

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