"Other turtles in the study area are the pond or swamp dwelling taxa Hoplochelys (Kinosternidae, mud turtles), Judithemys (Sinemydidae, extinct group) and Compsemys, a small snapping turtle-like animal."

― Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Compsemys was an extinct genus of paracryptodiran turtles, closely related to the baenids, from the Late Cretaceous and Paleocene of North America. It was found in many fossil formations, including the Hell Creek Formation. This turtle is peculiar, due to having a shell covered in raised flat tubercles, not seen in any other turtle. It also possesses a skull that resembles the ones of modern alligator turtles, at one point being considered as a close relative of them, which indicates this 30 centimeter long turtle was a vicious predator of small aquatic creatures.

In Saurian Edit

There are no known concept art or plans for its inclusion in the official game, being only mentioned in the official game's artbook.

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