"Low lying areas of the floodplain and abandoned tributaries of meandering rivers, called oxbow lakes, become housing for standing water. This area is subject to frequent flooding, dousing the land in a constant state of dampness. These waterlogged soils are overgrown with groves of horsetails (Equisetum) below mighty bald cypress tress (Taxodium), their characteristic stalagmite-like roots projecting from earth and water. In the waters, crocodilians lurk beneath dense mats of the duckweed-like plant Cobbania alongside a diverse community of ancient turtles."

― Saurian encylopedia

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Adult Dakotaraptor in a cypress swamp.


Concept art of Hell Creek's cypress swamp, with a subadult Tyrannosaurus looking to a Acheroraptor sitting on a Denversaurus back.

The Cypress swamp is a biome characterized by the common presence of large cypress trunks, with wide roots and whitish bark, that protrude from the water. The Cypress swamp is mostly composed by murky freshwater, although, closer to the beach, it may be present on saltwater. This biome is also affected by flooding, which can occur during or after strong rainfall, and this affects every animal that lives in it. This biome is very biodiverse, as it is the main source of water for most of the creatures in the game. Ornithurans and the crocodylomorphs, Borealosuchus and Brachychampsa, can be very commonly found, while the turtle Basilemys may also be found often close to the shore. Lizards, however, are relatively more hard to find, but Chamops and Palaeosaniwa are decently present. Didelphodon can often be seen close to the edge of the water. Lepisosteus fish and the choristoderan Champsosaurus are found here and on other riverine and lacustrine freshwater habitats, as they only inhabit freshwater courses. As for non-avialan dinosaurs, the most commonly found are the Pachycephalosaurus and the ornithomimids, as well as the Thescelosaurus which is most often found around the water. Bigger dinosaurs, like Triceratops, Anatosaurus, Denversaurus and Tyrannosaurus, however, prefer the fern prairies, and therefore not that common around here, although Anatosaurus are the easiest to find.


Soil texture for the cypress swamp biome.

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