"Away from the flood-zones and out of the forest exist the open prairie environments of the floodplain. These areas are not as frequently subject to waterlogging and are instead formed from disturbances of other types, most commonly forest fires or overgrazing from megaherbivorous dinosaurs. The palmetto-like Sabalites is frequently the tallest tree here, arising among a ground cover of primarily forked ferns (Gleicheniaceae). This provides an abundance of fodder for Triceratops and ankylosaurs that roam these areas."

― Saurian encylopedia

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Young Dakotaraptor in a fern prairie

The Fern Prairie is one of the most open spaces of the game, as most of the rest of the map is composed either by dense forest or water. This biome is home for the largest land animals in the game, like Triceratops, Anatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, the biome where they can be found more often. Ornithomimids, Denversaurus and Pachycephalosaurus are also not rare here. Acheroraptor are, however, much less common, as they prefer more bushy areas. This area is also plentiful in lizard population, as this is both a common place to find Chamops as well as to find the deadly Palaeosaniwa. Didelphodon can also be found here.