"Even larger than Scapherpeton is Habrosaurus (Graceful Saurian), reaching over 150cm in length. This salamander is related to modern siren salamanders (Sirenidae) and shares their long, eellike form and truncated limbs. Unlike Scapherpeton, Habrosaurus is mostly aquatic, and can be found frequently in Hell Creek’s swampy areas. Equipped with rows of blunt teeth, they feed mostly on shelled invertebrates and can deliver a nasty bite if threatened."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Habrosaurus is an extinct species of salamander that lived in the Late Cretaceous period and Early Paleocene epoch. It was fairly big, rivaling the size of the modern giant salamander, with 1-1,5 meters in length. Its blunt teeth suggest a diet of crustaceans and snails. If threatened, Habrosaurus would defend itself with bites against attackers.

Behind the scenesEdit

Habrosaurus is the largest amphibian considered for appearance in Saurian. It is known from design sheets and models for future appearance in the game. It's coloration is a light-brown with a whitish underbelly, and dark brown spots along its body.

Habrosaurus designs

Habrosaurus designs

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