"A rarer occupant of marine environment is the large sawfish Ischyrhiza."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Ischyrhiza is an extinct genus of sclerohynchiform, a relative of today's sawfish, that lived from the Late Cretaceous to the Late Paleocene-Early Eocene. It has been found in North America, Asia, Africa and South America, and possibly inhabited the freshwater and saltwater waterways that once bathed the modern Hell Creek Formation. Typically, the face of Ischyrhiza sports a large rostrum filled with sharp transverse teeth, that resembles a saw. This "saw" is filled with electrorreceptors that detect its prey's elctromagnetic field. In case Ischyrhiza wants to immobilize a prey or defend itself from predators it swings its head to hit it with the sharp teeth it has on the sides of the rostrum.

In Saurian Edit

There are no known plans for the inclusion of the Ischyrhiza into the game, although it is in Hell Creek: A Field Guide to the World of Saurian.

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