"The gar genus Lepisosteus is extraordinarily long-lived with fossils known from as early as the Jurassic and four species still living today. The hard scales of this primitive fish are some of the most common fossils found in Hell Creek. Like the modern species, Hell Creek Lepisosteus inhabit shallow, slow moving waters in the floodplain. Being ambush predators, they seek areas with high abundance of aquatic vegetation which is used for cover".

― Saurian encyclopedia

Lepisosteus is a genus of gar in the family Lepisosteidae. This fish has been on Earth for over 100 million years, and it's distribution also spanned Asian and South American territories, but today, this genus is only known from North America. Four species of Lepisosteus are extant, but a lot more have been found to be extinct. This genus was a common sight in the North American Late Cretaceous.

In Saurian Edit


Adult Dakotaraptor fishing Lepisosteus.

It is currently in Saurian. It is a common sight in the freshwater environments of Hell Creek. It is edible by the player, as a Dakotaraptor. Lepisosteus are depicted as fairly small fish, being easily killed and caught by the player if it is in reach. Currently, there is no sexual dimorphism or ontogenic stages for Lepisosteus.

Lepisosteus encyc
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