"Other, more bizarre genera include the enigmatic paddlefish Paleopsephurus and the spiny-finned freshwater shark Lonchidion, a holdover from the Triassic period."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Lonchidion was a genus of very successful freshwater hybodontid shark that lived for most of the Mesozoic.‭ ‬Most fossils attributed to Lonchidion are Cretaceous in age,‭ ‬though Jurassic and even Late Triassic fossils are also known.‭ ‬Also,‭ ‬while Lonchidion has been mostly associated with North America and Europe,‭ ‬fossils from Africa and Asia are now starting to be identified,‭ ‬hinting at a cosmopolitan‭ (‬global‭) ‬distribution for the genus across different species.‭ ‬Hybodont sharks like Lonchidion are seen as being generalists,‭ ‬capable of hunting and efficiently killing anything from fish and cephalopods,‭ ‬to shelled crustaceans.‭ ‬It is this adaptability which is seen as the main reason for the success of this shark genus during the Mesozoic,‭ ‬and it is also mirrored within some of the relative shark genera to Lonchidion such as Hybodus.

In Saurian Edit

Lonchidion is expected to appear in Saurian. Its' color is a mostly brown body with a white underbelly, black fin tips, and white spines and yellow eyes to match its' habitat. In the book Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek, it is stated that the Lonchidion is a “spiny-finned freshwater shark...” and a “holdover from the Triassic period.” It also states that the Lonchidion in Saurian is a still yet to be named species and not L. selachos.

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