"Bowfins can be found in slower channels and oxbow lakes. Cyclurus fragosus is very similar to the modern bowfin; at over 1.5m long, Melvius is a formidable ambush predator."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Melvius was a large amiid fish from the Hell Creek Formation. Amiids are the fish that belong to the same family as modern bowfins. It seems to have been a fairly large amiid, and, like modern ones, it was probably a voracious predator, hunting smaller fish, like Lepisosteus and Lonchidion. It was adapted to the murky, under-oxigenated waters of the swamp, often breathing atmospheric air, if the water was too unbreathable.

In Saurian Edit

Although no plans are known for the inclusion of Melvius in the game, it appears in the official game's artbook.

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