Meniscoessus was a genus of extinct mammal from the Cretaceous Period of what is now North America. It lived toward the end of the "age of the dinosaurs" and was a member of the extinct order Multituberculata. It will appear in Saurian.[1]


It was a small mammal. As an endotherm, it needed to eat on a regular basis to produce the energy needed to regulate its body. It was a omnivore, mostly eating plant material but occasionally fed on small animals, like insects or even lizards and dinosaur eggs. Being a small animal in a time of large dinosaurs, it was prey for theropods like young Tyrannosaurus, young Dakotaraptor, Acheroraptor, Anzu, and Pectinodon, reptiles like Borealosuchus, and Palaeosaniwa, and the pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus.

In SaurianEdit

Meniscoessus is expected to appear in Saurian as an AI. It is portrayed looking very similar to the carnivorous marsupial, the quoll (despite not being that related), having a dark brown pelt and a sparse scattering of white spots along with a bright pink nose.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. P. funkei on Discord: animalman57: What was the other mammal other than Didelphodon was going to be in the game? P. funkei: Meniscoessus