"The winding waterways and stagnant swamps are occupied by a variety of fish, the majority belonging to primitive groups that still exist today. Most common is the garpike Lepisosteus. This genus persists to this day, and fossils of their scales are comically abundant in Hell Creek rocks. Its commonality is only rivaled by the guitarfish Myledaphus, which feeds on shellfish in the river sediments."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Myledaphus is an extinct genus of guitarfish, that lived in the Late Cretaceous of what is now North America, South America and Asia. It also lived in the freshwater courses of the Hell Creek Formation. It was around 90-100 centimeters long and relied on a durophagous diet, consisting mostly of hard-shelled bivalve mollusks that grow abundantly in the rivers, lakes and estuaries it inhabited. Although widely considered a guitarfish, some scientists defy this view by placing Myledaphus in the Anacoracidae shark family, although this view is likely incorrect, according to modern consensus. Being a guitarfish it is likely characterized for being a flat fish, with large flippers to keep this animal close to the bottom of the water, perfectly camouflaged under the sand and algae. Analysis to their fossilized vertebrae indicate the lifespan of Myledaphus was short in comparison to modern guitarfish species.

In Saurian Edit

There are no known plans for the inclusion of Myledaphus into the game, although it does appear in Hell Creek: A Field Guide to the World of Saurian.

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