The Obamadon was an extinct species of polyglyphanodontian lizard from the Late Cretaceous of North America. It was discovered in the Hell Creek Formation, in Montana and the Lance Formation of Wyoming.


Obamadon lived in the Hell Creek Formation, in the Late Cretaceous Period, in Montana, as well as in the Lance Formation, in Wyoming. When two specimens were first discovered, they were both placed in the University of California Museum of Paleontology, where they were studied more easily. Obamadon is known from two lower jaw fragments, with both lower jaw fragments being less than a centimeter, thus signifying that Obamadon was small. The teeth of Obamadon were straight and tall. Moreover, the jaws of Obamadon were straight and narrow, unlike other polyglyphanodontians, which usually had curved jaws. It also had large central cusps separated from small accessory cusps by lingual grooves.


Obamadon's diet is still being studied with future discoveries yet to be made, but it is theorized that it fed on insects and plant matter, as most of its relatives.


The naming for Obamadon first began in 2012, but was delayed until 2013, due to its name being based off of the American President Barack Obama, and if Obamadon was named in 2012, it would show disrespect to President Obama as a sign of mockery. Ironically, Obamadon is named after comparing its straight and tall teeth with Obama's 'tall, straight manner'.

In SaurianEdit

Obamadon was originally planned for Saurian, due to it living in the Hell Creek Formation, but later in the game's development, it was cut, due to its size being 30 centimeters (1 foot long), a size deemed too small for a large game such as Saurian. This does come with a reason, because if Obamadon wasn't cut and made it into the final game, it would be almost impossible to see the polyglyphadontian lizard. Obamadon role in the game was likely replaced by the substantially larger Chamops, which is nearly two feet long.

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