"The fast, ostrich-like ornithomimid is a ubiquitous sight in the more open areas of the floodplain. While palaeontologists have referred to this animal as both a species of Ornithomimus and Struthiomimus, it's true relationship remains unclear. With a top-speed of over 50kph, Ornithomimids are the fastest animals in Hell Creek and among the fastest of all dinosaurs. Ornithomimids display a mostly herbivorous diet, however, ornithomimids will also take animal food, such as lizards, mammals and eggs."

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The Hell Creek Ornithomimid is an omnivorous ornithomimosaur theropod that appears in Saurian. It is based on material attributed to the dubious species Struthiomimus sedens, albeit following Gregory S. Paul's classification that there is not enough significant difference from this species to make it distinguishable from Ornithomimus velox, meaning that the ornithomimid in Saurian is based on the ornithomimid from the Lance Formation and will be known as the species Ornithomimus velox until a formal analysis of ornithomimid fossils from the Hell Creek Formation is published.


In Saurian Edit

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An adult Dakotaraptor witnessing a flock of ornithomimids by the river.

The Hell Creek Ornithomimid is in Saurian. It is portrayed with feathers covering the majority of its body, except for some bare skin on the underneath of its' tail and the legs. Its colors include black, tan, white, and brown on its feathers, and grey on its skin. In the game, they live in big flocks, making them one of the most group-living animal currently in Saurian, as Anatosaurus and Triceratops live in small herds, DePalma's Ornithuran can make flocks and Pachycephalosaurus and Thescelosaurus can often spawn in pairs. A flock of ornithomimids contains from four to ten individuals, but more can be found together with ease. For a Dakotaraptor, it can only be killed as a subadult or an adult, but even then they are quite hard to take down, as they have a considerable amount of stamina, and they have high health points, making them challenging to kill without RPR. They are the fastest animals on land, in the game. Once a flock of ornithomimids sees a predator, including the player, the flock will disperse and run to evade the danger.

Currently, the ornithomimids do not display sexual dimorphism or ontogeny.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ornithomimid was designed by RJ "Arvalis" Palmer and Chris Masnaghetti.

The developers used the fossil material published in the study "A densely feathered ornithomimid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Formation, Alberta, Canada" to design the ornithomimid and had access to the material before the study was published.[1]

This dinosaur was once considered as one of the bonus playables. In a poll for a future playable omnivore, it lost to the only competitor, Anzu.


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