"Other, more bizarre genera include the enigmatic paddlefish Paleopsephurus and the spiny-finned freshwater shark Lonchidion, a holdover from the Triassic period."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek


Concept art of Paleopsephurus in a stream, by Joschua Knüppe

Paleopsephurus was an extinct genus of paddlefish, known to have inhabited the Late Cretaceous of North America, including the Hell Creek Formation. Like modern paddlefishes, it used it's large paddle-like rostrum, full of electrorreceptors, to detect the diminute electrical fields created by their prey. In this way, the Paleopsephurus is able to detect prey in muddy waters, and when it finds one it will proceed in engulfing it with its jaws.

Paleopsephurus is known from the Turonian to the Maastrichtian stage (93,9 - 66,0 million years). It is one of two known extinct genera of paddlefish known from North American fossil record, along with the Eocene Crossopholis. Currently, paddlefish are endangered species, with only two extant species known.

In Saurian Edit

Currently there are no plans for the inclusion of Paleopsephurus in the game, but it is shown in the official game's artbook.

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