"In the brackish waters of the inlet and the shallows of the Western Interior Sea lives a different assemblage of fish, dominated mostly by sharks and rays. Carpet sharks (Restesia) and nurse sharks (Protoginglymostoma) can also be found occasionally moving up the mouth of the river."

Saurian: A Field Guide to Hell Creek

Protoginglymostoma is an early extinct species of nurse shark from the Hell Creek Formation. It lived in the shallow waters of the formation. It was likely a sluggish moving shark and was likely benthic. Like modern nurse sharks, it likely had a pair of fleshy barbels that sense the presence of prey under the sand, and might have been nocturnal, like modern species.

In Saurian Edit

There are no known plans to include Protoginglymostoma in the game, however it is found in the official game's artbook.

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