"Some low areas of the floodplain are home to towering forests dominated by monstrous dawn redwoods (Metasequoia), their great trunks forming a maze for the animals below. In their shadow, early flowering plants grow as shrubby understory trees. This provides shelter and food for the small animals of the local ecosytem, while larger trees provided sustenance to passing migratory megafauna. A groundcover of ferns and herbal angiosperms feed an abundant community of pachycephalosaurs and thescelosaurs, which are in turn haunted by predatory dromaeosaurids."

― Saurian encylopedia


Soil texture for the redwood forest biome.

The Redwood forest is one of the most iconic biomes in the game, mainly due to the fact that it's the place you most usually spawn when you're a Dakotaraptor. AI Dakotaraptor are actually very easily found here in all life stages. Due to the large redwood sequoia trees, the space is very narrow for large Triceratops, Anatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus to live and so they are not very common. The forest is home for small carnivores, like Acheroraptor, Didelphodon and Palaeosaniwa, and small to medium-sized herbivores, like Pachycephalosaurus, ornithomimids, Denversaurus and Thescelosaurus.


Chris Lomaka's render of the redwood forest biome.

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