"During the Cretaceous, North America was split in two by a narrow inland sea, the Western Interior Seaway. Idyllic white sandy beaches lie along the eastern border of the river floodplain. Salt tolerant tropical plants line the border to the forest, led by thickets of palms and the cycad-relative Nilssoniacladus. Salt and sand are favoured by the giant gharial relative Thoracosaurus, which can often be found basking on the shores. Strange toothed birds dive for prehistoric fish amongst the waves, and it is said that greater monsters lurk beneath the farthest depths."

― Saurian encylopedia

The Beach is the region of Saurian where land contacts the ocean. It is located to the east of the map, meaning you can find where it is, by seeing where the sun rises in the morning. The position of the ocean is reflected by the real-life location of the Western Interior Seaway in relation to the North American island of Laramidia, which was where the Hell Creek Formation was located. The landscape of the beach is mainly composed by sand scattered by many palm trees. The DePalma's ornithuran and the Chamops can be found here often. The player may also encounter a Mosasaurus carcass, which teases it's living location in the open ocean. The saltwater environment sometimes touches the rivers, and so some freshwater animals, like Borealosuchus, Brachychampsa, Champsosaurus, Lepisosteus and even Basilemys can be found here once in a while. In terms of flightless dinosaurs, the beach can be sometimes wandered by Acheroraptor, Pachycephalosaurus, ornithomimids, Anatosaurus, Denversaurus and Triceratops.