"The outer limits of the floodplain are defined by the bluff-line, or valley wall. These are formed of steep slopes and sharp bluffs carved over centuries by a combination of the ever shifting meander of the rivers, violent flood waters and a barrage of winds. Being the driest areas of the floodplain, fires are also a major component of this habitat. Lightning storms have a habit of setting thse areas alight, and thus they are often seen in a state of regrowth. The ankylosaurs Denversaurus and Ankylosaurus can be found here occasionally, when they wander in from deeper inland."

― Saurian encylopedia

C by chrismasna-dcurn7z

Illustrated landscape of the bluffs, with a female Anzu and a Meniscoessus.

The Bluffs are characterized by the most elevated and steep extension of the Hardwood forest. It is relatively denser than the hardwoods and it is located on the edges of the map, at the west, south and north of it, being only absent on the eastern edge where the beach is located. Palaeosaniwa, Didelphodon and Chamops can be found here. Among the most common dinosaurs are Pachycephalosaurus, ornithomimids, Denversaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Triceratops and Anatosaurus, however, are more difficult to find. Ankylosaurus can pretty much only be found in this biome.

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