Thoracosaurus was a genus of eusuchian which existed during the Late Cretaceous and Early Paleocene. It was between four and five meters in length, or more depending of the species, as some could reach lengths of eight meters, being the biggest crocodylomorph in the Hell Creek Formation.

It contains the species Thoracosaurus neocesariensis in North America and Thoracosaurus isorhynchus in Europe. A number of species have been referred to this genus, but most are dubious, and only three are considered as valid for now.

It likely would have lived like a modern gharial based on the similar jaw. Gharials catch fish by waiting for them to pass by and catching them by quickly whipping their heads sideways. Although, despite Thoracosaurus has been largely considered a gavialoid, very recent studies seem to suggest that the simillarities between Thoracosaurus and gharials are just a product of convergent evolution, and that Thoracosaurus wasn't actually a crocodilian as previously expected, being a stem-crocodilian instead.

In Saurian Edit

Thoracosaurus is expected to appear in Saurian, as revealed in a livestream[1]. It is dark brown with a tan belly and striping on the sides.

Behind the scenesEdit

The model of Thoracosaurus was sculpted by Jake Baardse.[1]

The color seems to be based on its relative, the false gharial.

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